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When Your Plan Doesn’t Exactly Come Together

The process of goal setting is accompanied with feelings of optimism, encouragement, and enthusiasm. When goals are being set, there is an expectation of positive change in our life or circumstances. However, when the plan we set for meeting those goals, does not give us the outcome we want, in the time-frame we want, feelings of frustration, disappointment, and self-pity can slowly set in.[spacer height="20px"] As the end of the year quickly approaches, we find ourselves tallying our personal achievements. If you un-expectantly have outstanding goals for 2017, here are four steps to get you back on track towards change:

  • Assess – Take some time to review your progress to date; did you stick to your original plan or did it face some unforeseen obstacles? Perhaps, circumstances distracted you from your original plan and you found it difficult to stay on task.  This initial step of assessment should be completed in a non-judgmental manner that reviews “just the facts” of what occurred during your journey toward goal accomplishment.
  • Adjust – Use the findings from your assessment to adjust either the goal or the steps you need to take the reach the goal. This is a good time to check your estimated timing of milestones.  Are you being realistic with your expectations of self and others? Do not be afraid to be conservative in setting expectations, if you are too conservative the worst that can happen is an exceedance of those expectations…a good problem to have!
  • Review – It is now time to review and familiarize yourself with your new plan. Make sure you are comfortable with the new milestones you have set, make sure you are clear on any adjustments to the actual goal itself so that you can easily recognize its completion, and finally place the plan in an area that is easily accessible to you for quick reference.
  • Restart – Shake off any disappointment or self-doubt and embrace the opportunity for new beginnings. The nice thing about goal setting is that we can assess, adjust, review, and restart the process of reaching our goals at any moment we choose.  We never lose our power to control our own life plan, get back in the game!

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