As we continue our series Drop the Mask, your May challenge is to begin recycling the emotional mask that has been acknowledged, purposed, and loosened in our previous discussions. The fourth and final step toward setting down the mask of depression, anxiety and life struggles is continuous. It involves recycling your mask of in-authenticity into a new accessory that enhances your self-image and ego strength.

Recycling requires a break down of the original mask into a consistency that can be manipulated into your desired level emotional wellness.

As mentioned in our prior articles in the Drop The Mask series, you don’t have to “broadcast” your struggles to the world to be authentic. The following are steps you can take to recycle the mask of depression into a more healthy state of emotional wellness!

1. Get enough sleep
2. Eat right and exercise
3. Take care of basic physical and emotional needs
4. Staying connected socially
5. Stop to assess how things are going in life
6. Actively manage the stressors in life

As you begin to make efforts at recycling your mask, make sure to elicit the support of those you trust. Seeking the assistance of a licensed mental health professional often helps to expedite this process.

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