Life is full of decisions. Some decisions seem difficult; some seem hard, while others just seem so complicated. Many of us have the experience of being unsure about a “sure thing”; on the surface, the choice seems obvious, but somehow we cannot definitely move in the direction that perhaps seems obvious to everyone around us. Decisions are personal. Choices are personal. We are often challenged mentally in the decision making process because we let the voices and opinions of others sway our thoughts. Here are four steps towards re-gaining control of your thought process and move you in the direction of decision:

  1. S Stop Ruminating: overthinking is a thing. When thoughts about a particular decision begin to repeat themselves ad nauseam in your mind, force yourself to hard stop them and move on to step #2.
  2. U Understand the Context: pull your thoughts away from the options and begin exploring the environmental context surround the decision. Fully understood and assessed circumstances that form the setting for a decision are just as important as the final choice. Bringing awareness to the environment around you minimizes anxiety while keeping your thoughts grounded in the present.
  3. RRely on Your Instincts: trust the inner voice that is your intuition. The intangible side of decision-making includes an informed reliance on physical and emotional cues. When you trust yourself to make good decisions, your instincts could be the most impactful aspect of the process!
  4. EExtinguish Your Fear: most poor decisions are made on a foundation of fear. Fear of change, fear of the unknown, fear of taking risks. If you find that you often second guess yourself, feel anxious when confronted with options, or take an above average amount of time to commit to a decision, it may be time to focus on the fear embedded in your thought process.  Taking fear out of the equation ensures that you are coming to conclusions from your strongest position.

If you are having difficulty making decision efficiently, Brooklyn Marriage & Family Therapy, PLLC can help. Our private practice offers professional counseling and life coaching services in a safe, confidential environment either in office, via phone, or online. Don’t wait another minute. Contact us today!

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