At the beginning of each New Year we are bombarded with messages of new beginnings, resolutions, and reasons to let go of people, places and things. We desire each year to be better than the previous one. However, when the focus is solely on what we want to remove from our life, versus what we desire to add to our life, expectations at the beginning of the year can set us up for disappointment later in the year. We put so much pressure on ourselves to be different, that we fail to focus on improving what is already within us. To this end, here are five ways to be in 2015:

  • Be Appreciative: identify the things that are working in your life, both big and small. To whom or what do you attribute this success? Acknowledgement of what is working in your life will put you in a possibility mind-set for the upcoming year.
  • Be Encouraging: encouraging others helps to foster a problem-solving mindset in your own life. As you encourage others, you subconsciously encourage yourself by identifying ways to improve and support life’s endeavors.
  • Be Open: Allow unfamiliar, difficult, and scary people, places, and things to enter your life. Fear is rooted in the unknown, however fear subsides when we allow our selves to have new experiences.
  • Be Persistent: As with anything new, expect some trial and error to occur in 2015; do not let failure deter your efforts in living, learning, and achieving.
  • Be Loving: love is not only about physical desire, it is also about discipline. Identify ways to have a loving spirit with your friends, family, and associates. Modeling an attitude of love encourages others to respond in kind, which makes all of life’s endeavors seem much more achievable!

As you embark on setting your goals and objectives for 2015, allow Brooklyn Marriage & Family Therapy, PLLC to be a part of your achievement strategy by visiting for more information on our Personal Coaching and Counseling services. Life is about relationships. Don’t wait another minute!

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