Emotions can be complicated. The expression of emotions can be even more complicated. What happens when we fail to acknowledge to ourselves the feelings we are experiencing within ourselves? When faced with the fear of judgment, we often are the first to judge ourselves. In order to adequately address emotions that are negatively affecting our lives, we must 1) acknowledge them, 2) put a name to them, and 3) begin developing a strategy to combat them.

It is often the case that we have difficulty naming the emotion(s) we are feeling because we have a limited emotive vocabulary. We habitually find ourselves using the same 3-4 adjectives to describe a myriad of emotions, but let’s face it: you cannot always be angry, sad, and frustrated. Perhaps what you are actually experiencing are feelings of: abandonment, hurt, and defeat.

In a world where we find it difficult to trust others, we should at least be able to be kind to ourselves and withhold self-judgement. To help you begin the process of more accurately identifying the emotions you are experiencing at any given moment, below is an abbreviated “Feelings List” for your consideration:

Abandoned, Adequate, Agony, Bad, Beautiful, Bitter, Calm, Challenged, Cheated, Deceitful, Delighted, Destructive, Eagar, Empty, Envious, Fascinated, Foolish, Free, Glad, Greedy, Gullible, Helpful, Helpless, Honored, Ignored, Impressed, Isolated, Jealous, Joyus, Jumpy, Keen, Kind, Lazy, Lonely, Low, Mean, Melancholy, Miserable, Naughty, Needy, Nervous, Obnoxious, Outraged, Overwhelmed, Pained, Panicked, Proud, Rage, Remorse, Restless, Scared, Sorrowful, Sympathetic, Tense, Terrified, Trapped, Unsettled, Vulnerable, Weepy

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