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5 Signs of Relationship Trouble

All relationships have a “honeymoon” phase, a time when things are exciting and new, where every interaction is a new experience. As time moves on and relationships solidify, familiarity sets in and those same interactions now become routine. A strong couple must make an effort to ensure that the relationship remains fresh and mutually beneficial for both parties. Here are 5 signs of potential relationship trouble couples can use a guide for when to ramp up of their efforts and bridge the gap:

  1. Lack of Enthusiasm: The thrill is gone. One or both of you has a hard time feeling excited about the other. It takes a more concerted effort to spend time together or think of novel ways to emotionally engage with one another.
  2. Lack of Intimacy: A lack of sexual, emotional, and non-sexual physical intimacy can negatively impact on how a couple connects with each other.  Intimacy levels distinguish the romantic relationship from other types of relationships a person enters in to, thus making it extremely detrimental when intimacy begins to consistently decrease.
  3. Divergent Interests: As members of a couple grow and mature individually, interests and opportunities may take the couple in different directions socially and/or professionally. This divergence can lead to reduced interactions between the couple and a struggle to identify opportunities of mutual interest.  Couples who have not taken a posture of inclusion will begin to have difficulty.
  4. Ongoing Conflict: Couples experiencing ongoing conflict, either around the same theme or around numerous themes, should be concerned about the healthiness of their interactions. There are various contributors to ongoing conflict with the most common being poor communication, unresolved resentment, and poor anger management skills. All of which can be addressed and improved upon!
  5. Ambivalence:  When one individual has positive and negative feelings toward their partner simultaneously, the couple begins to experience confusion frustration and a sense of immobilization towards achieving relationship goals and milestones.  Ambivalence can be rooted in any number of things, but often results from past experiences within the couple unit that have gone unaddressed.

If your relationship is showing one or more of the aforementioned signs of trouble, allow Brooklyn Marriage & Family Therapy, PLLC to help you stay on track by visiting for more information on our professional counseling services. Life is about relationships. Don’t wait another minute, contact us today!

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