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4 Steps to Better Decision-Making

Life is full of opportunities, challenges, and possibilities. So many opportunities, challenges, and possibilities that life can often feel like a flood of overwhelming decisions. Decision-making does not have to be an overwhelming experience. In fact, it can be an exciting experience that gives you more control over your life.

Options will not be looked at with fear when you trust yourself to make good decisions. Perfection is not the goal in decision making because there are aspects of every decision that will be beyond our control. Thought processes that are heavily influenced by anxiety and fear can often take us to a point of irrationality about the risks associated with exploring life’s opportunities.

Here are four ways to “just relax” and not be paralyzed by the decision-making process:

1) Write down your options: when we solely consider options in our mind, it limits the ability to pragmatically assess them. Writing down your options gives you more space to fully explore them in different contexts.
2) Don’t rush: informed decisions are the best decisions; gather as much information as possible to ensure emotions such as fear, anxiety, and nervousness are not the primary factor in your thought process.
3) Don’t wait: while you do not want to rush into any new endeavor, do not prolong making a decision either. Time can be your enemy when it allows too many external factors to cloud your judgement.
4) Trust your instincts: we often look externally for assurance when we should actually look internally; trust yourself to be strong enough to handle any potential outcome of your decision and grip the steering wheel of life.

The most important element in treating anxiety associated with indecisiveness, is building a trusting and collaborative relationship that helps reduce the impact of irrational, fearful thoughts. If you find yourself having difficulty exploring all the options life has to offer, Brooklyn Marriage and Family Therapy, PLLC can help. Don’t wait another minute, contact us today at!

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